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Tom Brown first entered the world of taxidermy when he was 16 years old. He learned his craft from a seasoned and patient neighbor that took him under his wing. From that formative age he was mesmerized by the careful work and his passion only grew as he grew up. Throughout the years Tom Brown has apprenticed under a number of taxidermists who helped him hone his skills. He has been working in taxidermy for almost forty years now.

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Specialized For Excellence

Having hunted from a young age, Tom Brown found a fascination with wildfowl which helped him develop his artistic eye for their movements and poses. He began expressing what he saw first with paint on canvas, which honed his ability to recreate the motions and grace of the feathered creatures. And naturally, his painting efforts quickly developed into a lifelong passion for bird taxidermy. While he also has experience with mammals and fish, Tom believes that focusing his efforts on birds is what allows him to create truly spectacular pieces.

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Award Winning Craft

After forty years crafting taxidermy trophies, Tom Brown believes in the patience that was shown to him as a boy learning the trade and has vowed to always pursue new knowledge and techniques to produce his best work. He has honed this careful craft, learning from the master craftsmen who came before him, and after hundreds of birds is proud to be counted in their ranks. It is because of his efforts and his continued dedication that he has amassed a collection of awards and honors for his work.

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